17 03 2012

Finally the word is really different,sometimes you think you’ve already seen all of the media and internet but no, can you imagine the difference between two cultures, I do not think.

Nevertheless the purpose of this blog is not to show unusual pictures even if I have Lots.

But to show how life is different, is that this is part of the possible combination

Time passes quickly, even right next to us, among the family,we feel the difference.

What else ?

Can we change things? Is this possible, it is necessary to change everything? It’s up to you.

Moral lesson? No, I have not enough intelligence to do it

It is just necessary to understand that the earth is round, God has created, and the other univers.Thanks to him,he knows all about us and what is good for all of us.

If you can do your part:

“Heal the world make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race ,there are people dying If you care enough for the living make a better place for you and for me .”


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I’m hungry

14 03 2012

Are you a greedy man/woman ,are you hungry?want to eat you up.Another question :Do you like cooking?
Buckle up,GO GO GO
Malagasy food to begin
Thank you to prepare the rice please:

And if something serious is going on now : …!!!!

Breakfast to start, main course, and dessert

We can prepare a great meal and simply no time. Just know some “tricks” to cook like this: always have the simple need to deal with emergencies – some vegetables and spices, fruits, eggs, flour and, of course, sugar and butter.

The image is worth more than the sales pitch

We are not obliged to go to a restaurant, but cooking at home.But be careful you will grow.

Chocolates, you like it

And ice:

Next time, I invite you home for a tasting

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Abílio Diniz(Milliardaire Bresilien)

12 03 2012

Abilio Diniz

né à São Paulo, 28 Décembre, 1936 est un homme d’affaires brésilien, propriétaire de la société Companhia Brasileira de distribution, qui comprend la chaîne de supermarchés Pao de Sucre, Extra, CompreBem Sendas et Ponto Frio (Globex). Il est également devenu actionnaire majoritaire de Casas Bahia, à travers sa filiale Globex S / A.

Abilio est les premiers enfants de la Saint-Valentin Diniz, un immigré portugais qui sont arrivés au Brésil en 1929 et en 1948, et a ouvert un magasin de bonbons appelé Sugar Loaf. Pendant l’enfance et la jeunesse, partageait son temps entre études et le sport. Il est diplômé de l’École d’administration des affaires de Sao Paulo, maintenu par la Fondation Getulio Vargas à Sao Paulo, et fait des études supérieures dans le Michigan, aux États-Unis.

Homme d’affaires chevronné pour les uns, prédateur pour les autres, à 74 ans, Abílio Diniz est une figure controversée. L’homme est à la tête d’une fortune estimée à 2 milliards d’euros.

Obsédé par son corps, il affiche une silhouette de jeune premier, façonnée à coups de séances de gym.Il possède même plusieurs salle de Gym chez lui ,et plusieurs piscine.

Au Brésil, les grandes fortunes sont nourries au sein par l’Etat, notamment par le biais de la puissante Banque nationale de développement économique et social (BNDES), qui accorde des crédits bonifiés et finance, dès 1976, la première grande acquisition de Pão de Açúcar. La même BNDES qui est aujourd’hui au cœur du projet de fusion avec Carrefour. Car Abílio Diniz est un homme influent. Dans les années 80, en pleine hyperinflation, il siège au conseil qui définit la politique monétaire. Mais malgré le gel des prix imposé par Brasília, Diniz fait valser les étiquettes dans ses hypers. Plus récemment, il s’est fait un ami improbable : Lula, icône de la gauche internationale. C’est qu’en faisant reculer la pauvreté, l’ex-président du Brésil a contribué à faire de son pays le troisième marché au monde de la distribution alimentaire. Abílio Diniz a donc soutenu sa protégée, Dilma Rousseff, qui a succédé à Lula en janvier.

Aux commandes de Pão de Açúcar depuis 1991, Diniz se battait jusque-là à coup de restructurations drastiques et d’acquisitions spectaculaires contre Carrefour, auquel il est parvenu à ravir le leadership de la grande distribution l’an dernier. L’homme est un dur à cuire, prêt à tout pour garder son empire. Il s’est battu contre ses propres frères, qui contestaient le partage inégal de la succession du patriarche Diniz. Toutefois, c’est contre Casino qu’il mène sa bataille la plus dure.

Sa vie a failli basculer un jour de 1989. Abílio dos Santos Diniz est enlevé par une organisation d’extrême gauche. De sa semaine de captivité, l’un des patrons les plus puissants du pays serait revenu moins belliqueux.

Depuis ,sa résidence est sous haute surveillance ,plusieurs garde de cops,des vigiles ,des cameras installés un peu partout.

Rio de Janeiro est une  ville de 10 millions d’habitant,afin d’eviter l’embouteillage,Abilio se déplace toujours en hélicoptère pour se rendre au bureau et ses réunions:

Maintenant il incarne le rêve de tous les bresiliens.Un homme d’affaire très puissant en partant d’un petit magasin.

And you who are you?

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While there’s life, there’s hope

6 03 2012

It is said that Madagascar is a rich country but these people are very poor.

After over 50 years of independence, there is not much change noted on the living standards of gens.Les 85% are poor farmer. After over 50 years of independence, there is not much change noted on the living standards of gens.Les 85% are poor farmer. If we’re not aware that we’re rich, why are investors rushing to ruin us
Give me a moment to let you discover the beauty of this islands.

Even living in town, I could go in some parts of the island, maybe not as much as tourists, but enough to be willing and able to tell you that Madagascar is very special.
6 provinces, 22 regions, 18 Etnies made Madagascar. At over again I ask myself why is it so hard to develop this country ????Is what our intellectual are all dunce ??I don’t think so

There are too many differences between people in town and people living in the farthest corner of landlocked, but that’s not the reason for poverty,I think.
Several languages are used in Madagascar, the Malagasy but can communicate with each other without problem.

While over 85% of the Malagasy are poor but they survive. They know to have fun and take taste of life.

Few people are wealthy, especially those living in town, They say it is mada found most of 4×4 in Africa, follow the European way of life is not something new for some families.Many homes already have Internet at home.
It moves only in Ambovombe or Amboasary Atsimo, and you will see something you’ve never seen in town  ; why …

Madagascar au pays de mora mora, half African, half Arab, half Indonesian, that is our difference, this is our strength may be our weakness also ???

One day I attended a lecture given by the Malagasy students who studied in the United States at Cca antanimena.  It is said that most Malagasy students the united states are among the best out of each promotion.

A Dahalo in the regions of high Matsiatra can run 80km with stolen zebu

Surrounded by people who have great physical strength intellectual, flora and fauna seen nowhere, paradisiacal beaches, I ask again, why is one of the poorest countries in the world

Several Vaza consider us as idiots, mediants, dunce, and we’re never going to get out, and oddly we accept these insults with a smile ….why

Don’t worry next time we will talk about this subject .I just borrowed some of the words of a song:

“Manana finoana ,tanjonao banjino,manana finoana ny marina fihino,na inon-kidona ,mijoroa hatrany ,fa ‘zay manammpinoana handresy any afara…”

God bless madagascar.

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3 03 2012

welcome in the maranitra’s blog.To day  I wanna introduce you the city of Dubai.
Dubai has a hot and dry climate. Summers are very dry and windy. Temperatures often exceed 40 ° C. There was little rain (about 150 mm per year). This is a desert climate. With such a climate, it is surprising to the extent taken by the city and its importance in the Arab world. Dubai shows the temerity of the men who tamed a hostile environment.

Over 20 years ago, Dubai re-engineered  part of its coast, creating the world’s largest man-made port.  Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman of Nakheel, took his previous experience and applied it inversely to create the world’s largest man-made islands.

The starting point for the construction of Dubai is the idea of making one of the largest ports in the Gulf in the desert – completed in fifteen years – with around the Jebel Ali Free Zone spanning 75,000 hectares, which are now installed 6,000 companies from over 100 countries, for a total of 130,000 workers, attracted by the many tax breaks and localization.
Dubai is increasingly the connecting door between the West and the East, the crossroads between places of production and of consumption, a site which cross the energy production, material processing, production luxury goods and the creation of services for leisure

Although located in one of the driest regions of the world and that water consumption per person is four times higher than the global average, the city is rich in vegetation.
Almost all of its water reserves comes from desalination and wastewater is recycled and used to irrigate parks artificial. In this sense, Dubai and the UAE have undertaken an environmental policy very clear, which aims to promote eco-friendly buildings and to reduce pollution in urban areas, which is best served by a range of initiatives relief.

There are many things to see in Dubai

The Burdj Dubai still under construction, this building will be the tallest in the world. The number of stages is a well kept secret, for they are not trying to overtake!

Dubailand: in the middle of the desert, this park contains giant dinosaurs in Jurassic Park’s stature.

Mall of the Emirates mega mall that contains the largest ski structure in the world and that in the middle of the desert! (The Dubai Mall)

The Palm Jumeirah and other artificial islands: the Palm Jumeirah is a stunning creation. This island is entirely created by man, the largest in the world, like a giant palm. The Palm Jumeirah is now a land development with world class residences. Several celebrities and political figures from business and make their home in Palms, like David Beckham.

The island, shaped like giant palm tree has a trunk with branches and islands in an arc called the “growing”. On the “trunk” move the cars and aerial tram that will transport up to 3,000 people per hour

This is a gigantic construction, we can not even imagine mada its feasibility. If you’re used to see our 5 star hotel, carlton and the new building to Ankorondrano, language would be hanged in lip

Another construction

The creation and development of The Palm is an unparalleled feat of design and engineering. The Palm is destined to be like no other place on earth. Due to its enormous scale and unique shape, The Palm, Jumeirah, The Palm, Jebel Ali and The Palm, Deira are all visible from space with the naked eye. Each island will add 60 kilometers of shoreline real estate and beachfront to Dubai, increasing the UAE’s beachfront property by an extraordinary 166%. The brilliance of The Palm is both in its tribute to the palm tree, referred to as ‘bride of orchard’ and in its iconic geometry for creating maximum beach frontage and incredible properties providing unparalelled real estate investment opportunities.

Look at this


one another

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A building boom in the emirate has led to a whole host of chart breakers, in categories including highest apartment, biggest mall, and one of the world’s most unique resorts.


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Seen from the villas

Over 1 km long

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the way to the hotel atlantis

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AND good holiday everyone
Ps:But once again, it makes me a little afraid this island !!!it’s up to you
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